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iZaya's review of J Staffz's "Making Pretty Girls Cry"

Making pretty girls cry? Why? That sounds mean. Once you begin to listen to this MixTape though you will understand why. From the soulful opener “See Us Together” to the anthemic closer “Creeper”, J Staffz’ slick prodcution is executed immaculately and plays as a sound and cohesive R&B album.

While saying things like “I can wife ya, just give me a fair chance…” on the track “Know Your Name”, or “I wanna see ya spread your thighs, close your eyes, grab the sheets, arch your back for me” on “With the Lights On”, you can see that he does not want to make pretty girls cry the way you would think.

Give the MixTape a listen to, and see for yourself if you do not feel one way or another about a hot and romantic night. The beats are top notch and you will not be disappointed.


Canadian born, music enthusiast, J.Staffz, learned early on that he had the natural gift and love for music. He chose to nurture this new awakening then decided to make a business out of it. From that moment, he has granted the world with amazing sounds that fans jam to on a regular basis. The young producer is talented all areas of music and has worked with everyone from G-Unit to Wiz Khalifa to VH1.

J.Staffz granted BE Magazine the opportunity to get a glimpse inside his world.

Check out his video Q & A with SC Contributor, Jeffrey Young.

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